Denture Adhesive Cream - 5 Pack (Mint Flavour)

Super Easy Application:
Avistar knows that you have experienced adhesive cream tubes that are bulky, make the cream ooze and are overall a pain. With Ergonomics in mind, this adhesive cream is sleek, has a narrowed tube for maximum precision when applying and just looks and feels great.

Feel Extra Fresh For Longer (The only 5pack on the market!): Avistar has made sure that your application of the cream is just as positive as the preparation. With a cool mint flavour, your adhesive cream will not only go on smooth, but it will feel great too. To top it all off, Avistar’s formula has been tested to last all day and it’s the only pack of 5 tubes on the market. Avistar packs series value with no hassles, we promise!

Zinc & Fluoride Free
When formulating this denture adhesive cream, Avistar didn’t want just a strong hold and an easy application, but health and safety to be the first prioritization. Therefore Avistar has made sure that this formula is using the safest ingredients without losing efficiency. Whereas other brands put in zinc and fluoride to make a cheaper cream, Avistar chose quality and safety.

Money back Guarantee:
If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

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Type: Denture Adhesive

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